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IAAC 2021

It was our pleasure to listen to many talented musicians from eleven different countries. Despite the nationality, age, and educational background, each one of the contestants presented unique and thoughtful interpretations on various repertoires. We believe that this opportunity gave each contestant to work for their best and push themselves to the highest artistic achievement that one may reach. Our jury members gave a very careful and thoughtful observation of each contestant, we now are able to announce the prize winners of the First International Artist Award Competition and Scholarships.

We will soon make an update on the website and our social media, sharing performances of the prize winners.  


Winners from Category A

Mio Imai.jpg

Mio Imai  -  first prize

sherry fei.jpg

Sherry Fei - second prize

1st Prize winner Mio Imai will be awarded $300 scholarship by Susan Caldwell

kangheeji 강희지 프로필 사진.jpg

Heeji Kang - third prize
South Korea

Winners from Category B


Lia Chen - first prize

Frederick Chiu Picture RE.jpg

Frederick Chiu -  second prize

1st Prize winner Lia Chen will be awarded $300 scholarship by Susan Caldwell

K's Headshot photo 2020.JPG.jpg

Katerine Liu - third prize

Winners from Category C


Chaewon Kim - first prize
South Korea

chongmyeong Lee.jpg

Chong Myeong Lee - second prize
South Korea

1st Prize winner Chaewon Kim will be awarded $300 scholarship by Nina Svetlanova


Minhong Kim- third prize 
South Korea

Winners from Category D, Young Artists


Anfisa Bobylova - first prize

1. I-Shan Lu_ recent photo.jpg

I-Shan Lu  - second prize

Julian Walder.jpg

Julian Walder - third prize

1st Prize winner Anfisa Bobylova will be awarded $1,000 scholarship by Jaehyun Sung

Winners from Mature Artists Scholarships


Liu Yang - first prize


Mariia Narodytska - second prize 

1st Prize winner Liu Yang will be awarded $2,000 scholarship by Sunghee Shin

sol lee.jpg

Sol Lee - second prize
South Korea


Shenhua Hu- third prize


Meet Liu Yang, Winner of Scholarship 2021

     My name is Yang Liu. I am the prize-winner of the 12th International Tchaikovksy Competition and silver medal of Global Music Award. I performed as a soloist with world-leading orchestras including the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Danish Royal Odense Philharmonic to name a few. I was honored to be featured in a documentary called “String of heart--Yang Liu” highlighting my artistic life. This production was aired on CCTV (China Central Television) throughout China, together with my autobiographical book "Performing in Love"  which is published in the spring of 2014. In 2017, I performed on China’s most prestigious special New Year TV program in Qingdao, which reaches tens of million viewers. I was also a featured performer in Starling’s Emmy Award-winning educational video, Classical Quest.


     As an educator and guest artist, I have given masterclasses and performed in international music festivals throughout the US, Brazil, Portugal, China, Taiwan, Germany, and Mexico. Currently, I teach at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago. I founded Yang and Olivia Arts Foundation, whose aim is to provide a platform embracing diversity, equality, and inclusion. Since the pandemics, the foundation dedicated its outreach to local communities, fundraising, and live streams. In 2019, the foundation raised record-breaking funds to support music education in the south side of Chicago. Since my student years at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, I am blessed to continue to perform and share my passion for music with others.


     Personally, I am a Chinese-American citizen who was born at the end tail of the Cultural Revolution. My family was on the persecution list for being educated and successful, therefore my birth was not recognized. Without the birth certificate, there were no food stamps allocated to me. I did not have eggs or milk until I was 6 years old. I came to the United States when I was 22. “Till this day I am grateful, and I admire what this great country has to offer. I make it my mission to contribute to society with my musical talent. I am sharing this part of my story because my upbringing has made an impact on my repertoire choices. I fully embrace and advocate diversity, equality, and inclusion which this country has strived for, and also because I was not granted such privilege as a youth. In this application, you will find Chinese transcriptions, Taiwanese transcriptions, the world premiere of contemporary composers, and traditional classical music. These are the programs I include in my recitals.

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