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Piano on Dim Stage


The International Artist Award Competition

The Competition

To be heard and recognized by influential artists and teachers in the music industry will be such a unique experience to any artists. Our jury members are acclaimed artists in the music industry with experience and the method for evaluation that are the best guarantee to ensure transparency and level it.

We provide an opportunity to not only young artists, but also mature artists who continue their artistic journey after graduation from university-level institute.

After thoughtful screening and voting by our judges, selected award-winners will receive a certificate and cash prizes.

About the competition

Inspiration and Motivation

Barcelona Opera

Sparking creativity, motivation, and inspiration. 

When we compete healthily in a way that brings out the best in us and everyone involved. It’s a way to challenge yourself and others while pushing those around you. It allows you to tap into your potential and succeed.


When we compete in this positive way, we aren’t rooting for others to fail or become obsessed with winning at all costs. We realize that we aren’t “good” or “bad” and that the result doesn’t determine our value as human beings.


Of course, we may “win,” or we may “lose” the competition we’re engaged in, and there are times when the outcome has a significant impact and is important. Positive competition is about growth, grit, and taking ourselves to the next level.

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